Creating Brand Value: How to Run an Effective Integrated Communications Program

brandeCommerce companies today deal with all kinds of information, including information about products, shipping rates, taxes, inventory, orders, customers and what not.

With these companies handling multiple operations at same time and that too on different channels—it is important to have an integrated communications program in their operations to ensure speed, accuracy and moreover customer satisfaction.

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group Inc., companies that seamlessly engage with customers across channels like web, mobile, social media and in-store—are likely to retain twice as many customers as companies without effective cross-channel customer care strategies. But how to run an effective integrated communications program is the key question here.

Don’t talk about channel specific

Today’s customers increasingly expect a seamless, integrated, consistent and personalized experience with their service providers. They expect a retailer to be channel agnostic while marketing about their product and delivering sales.

Deliver the same message to avoid consumers getting confused about your brand as the ultimate goal of any marketing is to deliver the right message to all the consumers at the right time. It’s the most important theory that drives integrated marketing communication for retail businesses.

How to offer a seamless, unified experience ?

To create a seamless customer experience, online retailers must:

  • Meet customers where they are—i.e., in the channel of their choice.

  • Recognize and acknowledge who individual customers are, the products and services they have purchased, and their prior interaction history—across all channels.

  • Operate as a single brand and channel, orchestrating customer experiences across all touch points.

  • Show customers they are valued through personalized offers, treatments and rewards.

Powered by technology, analytics and flexible marketing operations, retailers today can deliver omni-channel experiences to bridge their consumers’ service interactions. And they can do so by integrating across all functions, products and services, and by providing personalized customer interactions across all channels.

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