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Apple’s video tribute to Mac on its 30th Birthday and latest in wearable tech

Mac’s 30th Birthday: Apple celebrates with a video shot by iPhones only

On the 30th birthday of the Mac, Apple has shot a beautiful video, called 1.24.14, with iPhone 5 only as a tribute to the journey till date. The video was shot in a single day with the help of 15 camera crews at multiple locations including London, Shanghai and Botswana.

The video reveals the aim with which original Macintosh was launched 30 years back, i.e. to put technology in the hands of the people. Now, it focuses on “next thirty years” where its another invention, Apple iPhone can improve the lives of the people.

Kerala based IT startup launches ring shaped transmitter Fin

A Kerala based IT startup, RHLVision Technologies has recently launched a new gesture based wearable transmitter, Fin. The ring shaped device has the capability to convert a person’s palm into a touch interface.

To be worn on Thumb, Fin uses Bluetooth to communicate with the connected devices. At present it can enable users to control up to three devices such as smartphones, car radios and smart TVs using only swipes and taps.

One can also click pics, play games, listen to music and do much more with the gadget. “Fin is a real life buddy for every individual to do their digital interactions as natural as possible. Fin is a trendy gadget you can wear on the thumb and make your whole palm as a digital touch interface”, as said by the company.

Apple to soon launch wireless chargers for iWatch

Currently almost all smart watch manufacturers are battling with the issues of ‘Battery Life’. Apple is also expected to launch its most anticipated wearable device, an iWatch in the later half of this year.

As per the reports, the company is testing and exploring ways to launch the device with a solar charging layer. This will help the battery life to top up when worn in the daylight, and that too in a wireless manner.

As noted by various other publications, Apple was struggling to attain satisfactory battery performance from its smartwatch. The company has already hired battery engineers from the likes of Tesla and Toyota in recent years. Also, it has got various patents relating to technology such as flexible batteries and tiny components that generate power from external motion. Apple is also looking forward to introduce wireless chargers for its iPhone series.

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