App round up: Meet me Halfway, Blink and more

Meet Me Halfway – to find the perfect meetup spot

Meet Me Halfway, is an Android app that allows two people to find the exact mid-point between their current location. The app shows the middle of the two addresses, making sure that the two parties travel roughly the same distance. It moreover shows nearby points of interest like eat out places that can be used as the meeting places. Using it is dead simple. Just enter your address, their address, and get the center point.

Where the app seems perfect in all senses, one thing that developer should include in the app is the ability to add more than one people/location in one search. Currently it allows only two.

Type Machine – to save accidental text deletions

It’s often very annoying when the device crashes while writing a text message or filling a long web form. Not because it requires to restart the app again but to write the complete text from the start – that’s where Type Machine comes in.

Setting up Type Machine is easy. Once downloaded, all a user is required to do is to allow the app as an accessibility service, which is how it saves the text. After that, any text entered gets automatically saved into the app. One can set an expiration date on text. So next time your phone crashes or runs out of battery all of a sudden, don’t worry, Type Machine has got you covered.

Blink: An app that allows you to send anonymous self destructing messages

Blink is a mobile application for iOS and Android, that allows users to send each other self-destructing messages. The concept might remind most of you of SnapChat, but where the difference lies between the two is that Blink allows users to be anonymous.

The app allows users to send texts, record audio, make a video, draw & doodle, or snap a photo. One can sign up using any user name, as it doesn’t require user’s phone number to verify their identity, but the login process does ask for a mail address. Anonymous messaging could be misused, hence one will have to be careful. For anyone, who wants to share more than just self-destructing images, Blink might be the app for you.

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