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App roundup: MobiKwik’s mobile wallet for iPad; ObiNo, a DIY weight loss guide and more…

MobiKwik launches first ever mobile wallet app for iPad users in India

MobiKwik, a Gurgaon based mobile wallet startup has launched its app for the iPad and an upgraded version for iOS7, making it the first ever mobile wallet app which is optimized for the iPad. The idea is to provide a platform for tablet shoppers while changing the way online sales are growing in India.

The app’s interface is designed to make use of the space available on an iPad screen, that moreover looks native to iOS7 and follows iOS7 design guidelines.

“Majority of transactions on the MobiKwik wallet happen via the App,” said Bipin Preet Singh, CEO & Founder, MobiKwik. According to the company, its Android App has recently crossed the 1 Million download mark, with the Windows App having over 100,000 downloads in just over two months since its release.

MobiKwik Wallet App is available on all platforms – iOS, iPad, Windows, Android and Blackberry. It enables users to pay for their recurring recharge and bill payment transactions and to shop online while on the go.

ObiNo, a Do-It-Yourself weight loss guide

Weight loss is a science and a discipline which has to be carefully learnt and practised – many fail to see any improvement even after best of their efforts and eventually give up. Understanding this, businesses have come up with a Do-It-Yourself, low-cost/affordable and convenient way for people to lose weight on their own. This include players like Healthifyme – a calorie-counter app for Indian food; online storefronts of brick & mortar diet Consultancies like Dr. Shikha Sharma’s NutriHealth; and other online weight/diet monitoring portals like theweightmonitor and Fitho.

Joining the league, ObiNo, another such platform is releasing its mobile app to help people lose their weight on their own. The app, with its DIY tools automates the knowledge and techniques behind weight loss.

The app offers features like ‘Suggest A Meal’ which is a location based meal recommend

Currently available are Key Cuisines like Indian, North Indian, South Indian & popular Indian restaurant chains like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Haldirams & Café Coffee Day with more restaurant/cuisines options being added daily. Other functionalities include expert diet plans and water reminder (to encourage users drink adequate amount to water in a day).ation engine that suggests users to get healthy meal suggestions while dining out, on the basis of their weight goal & corresponding calorie limits.

“With the market already having some promising figures, most of the players are brick & mortar service providers, positioned as Experts or actual weight-loss products like pills, creams, foods, gadgets, etc., so we find ourselves in a truly unique but burgeoning niche since we provide a DIY Weight Loss solution on the mobile as an app.” said Ritu, cofounder, ObiNo.

KissMs, to send virtual kisses this valentine

KissMS, a free mobile application developed by Volmacht Business Solutions (VBS), enables the users to send kisses, hugs and even bouquets to their loved ones.

There are different types of Kisses like good morning kiss, new year kiss, birthday kiss, get well soon kiss, miss you kiss etc. A text message and/or a 10-second long voice message can also be attached along with the KissMS message. The voice message is limited to 10 seconds so that it gets carried across faster. One can also reject kisses if he/she doesn’t like them and can accept the rejected kisses later.

According to Badusha Gulam Khader, the CEO of VBS, KissMS is a  messaging app that enables the user to place a ‘KISS’ at the centre of emotional messaging.

With KissMS one can set different pictures for different contacts KissMS also ensures complete privacy with passcode protection. Face request feature ensures protection against vandals and perverts. One can even block the annoying contacts. KissMS makes users sign up with their email account, so migrating to a new telephone number or using the same account on multiple devices won’t affect the conversations.

The app has a distance counter and a duration counter. It shows the strength of your affection with the distance meter that tells how far the kiss has travelled. The duration counter counts the time the user has been in contact with the screen while placing a “kimoji”. Also statistics for an entire conversation can be viewed.

The app is available both on iOS and Android platforms.

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