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Android users can now hide their Whatsapp last-seen timestamp

Following the news of its acquisition by Facebook, Whatsapp has come out with a little surprise for the Android users. As revealed by Firstpost, Android users of this messaging app can now hide their last seen time notification from other users. This functionality already existed in iOS version of this app, and has just been rolled out for Android.

Users can select which circle they want to hide their timestamp from —  non-contacts or everyone. Thereby, currently there is no option to create a customised list of people with which they want to share the same with. In the existing version of the app, timestamp by default isn’t visible to the blocked contacts only. If one selects to hide the time-stamp, he/she will not be able to view the last seen of the people it is hidden from.


In addition to this, Whatsapp has also released an option to restrict the visibility of profile picture and status message. Once again, a user cannot make a custom list of people to share the picture or the status with, it’s either everyone or non-contacts. This functionality is not available on iOS.

Enabling these features

The features haven’t been rolled out on Google PlayStore yet. To get this updated version of Whatsapp, one will have to download and install the apk file from the website. Hence one will have to uninstall the existing version first. On installing the new version, one could find these options in the privacy settings.

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