Understanding the Connected Consumer

connected1-mediabistro“We live in an era where connectedness is becoming a way of life, thereby changing the dynamic of digital relationships and affecting business in ways that we may not yet realize”,-Brian Solis

Although ‘Connected consumer or Generation C’ is not a newly coined term, the way this segment has evolved in the past few years is worth noting. If we compare today’s consumers with those of 10 years back, we would find one key difference: they are more informed, more empowered and definitely more connected to the world around them.

And the reason for this is quite well-known. Increasing internet penetration and cheaper smartphones have already played their part in enhancing this new generation digital values, with a cherry topping from wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT).

So firstly, who is a connected consumer? A simple definition would say, “Connected consumers are those who use connected devices such as Media tablets, e-readers, portable navigation devices, media players, imaging devices and mobile gaming devices, to interact with and consume digital content.”

This clearly indicates that connected consumers are multitaskers. According to the Quarterly Multi-Screen Usage Study from NPD DisplaySearch, 88% of tablet PC owners and 82% of smartphone owners in 15 countries (including India) surveyed use their devices at least some of the time while they watch TV.

Nielsen’s recent survey of connected device owners also found that 20 percent of tablet owners said they use their device to shop for what was being advertised on TV, providing advertisers another opportunity to connect with consumers.

In words of Brian Solis, the author of “ Digital Darwinism and the Dawn of Generation C”, we live in an era where connectedness is becoming a way of life. This newfound connectedness is changing the dynamics of digital relationships and is already starting to affect business in ways that we may not yet realize.

“These digital natives are connected, discerning, informed and elusive. And they’re among the most loyal customers you could hope to attract. There’s just one thing you need to know about Gen Cers before we dive in: they are not a group bound by age but, by connectedness”, he added further.

With technology evolving at a greater pace and world getting smaller, we can thus believe that connected consumers are definitely becoming the key to get success in the internet commerce. We now, not only require better methodology in reaching out to them, but also need to think upon new and innovative ways for acquiring, engaging and servicing these connected consumers.

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