Top 5 IOT devices you should know about


Smart wear is able to measure stress,blood pressure and other vital signs of the body. It gives alerts if the parameters don’t fall in the specified range. Device would be helpful in remote monitoring of a person.


Sensoria is a smart sock with a bluetooth anklet, that tracks the number of steps, speed, weight distribution, foot handling and running techniques of a person.


The Health Patch is a biosensor worn on the chest to measure the number of calories burned, heart rate and various other vital signs. The device takes measurements continuously and can also predict health emergencies like heart attacks.


Misfit Shine Activity Tracker monitors different activities like walking, cycling and swimming which is synchronised with iPhones. It is a waterproof gadget and can be worn-either on wrist, waist, ankle, or can be put on clothes.


Netatmo June is a UV sensor that informs you about skin protection. The sensor gathers data about UV intensity and sun exposure.This data is analysed by the app in your smartphone and gives the level of daily exposure you should have.It also gives suggestions like applying sunscreen or wearing a hat.

Internet of Things brings a new level of convenience in our everyday lives. Here are some more devices that provide comfort and ease to live casually.

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