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Smartphone sales decline globally, predicted to grow in India

trendforceFor the first time in last two years, the analysts have been estimating, worldwide smartphone sales to decline. However, at the same time, they are quite positive on the growth of mobile sales in developing countries like India and China.

As per the recent predictions, the worldwide smartphone shipment will decline by 5.1% in 1Q14 as per the research firm Trend Force. The reason for this downfall is said to be due to the mounting pressures related to inventory digestion as smartphone makers will be busy ramping up Q4 shipments as a means to fulfill 2013 sales targets.

Quarterly Worldwide Smartphone Shipment stats

For the entire 2013, worldwide smartphone shipments increased by an estimated 33.5% YoY, ending at approximately 945 million units. With the release of Apple’s new iPhone range, the proportion of high-end smartphone devices shipped jumped from 35% in 3Q13 to 37% in 4Q13, whereas that for the mid to low-range models (ie. those whose prices fall within the range of US$450~US$150) remained at approximately 50%.

Samsung leads the smartphone market share

Whereas Samsung grabbing 30 percent of the Smartphone market share maintained its top position, Apple got the second position with a huge gap (19 percent), followed by Huawei (5%).

Underdogs that could leap forward in 2014

The two noteworthy “dark horses” in the industry who are currently worth paying attention to, according to TrendForce, are SONY and LG. Due to its increased efforts in the field of smartphones and hardware components, SONY has been able to boost its domestic market share to over 20% over the years, with the total numbers of smartphones shipped reaching an estimated 12 million units in 4Q13, a 1.6% QoQ and 62% YoY increase.

Benefiting from Google’s Nexus smartphone orders, LG managed to ship a total of 11 million smartphone units during 4Q13 (2% QoQ and 57% YoY growth). The company’s worldwide market share, meanwhile, grew to approximately 4.2%.

Future of smartphone sales in India

Wherein IDC predicts India to become third largest market for smartphone by 2017, a new forecast by research company Mediacells says that India will be the country where the largest proportion of smartphones sold will go to new users. Also, India (225 Mn) will be among the 10 largest countries for smartphone sales taking second position after China (283 Mn).

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