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Reduce Data, a California based programmatic advertising platform launches advertising workflow automation tool, Optimizer

According to Google’s Neal Mohan, ad industry wastes USD 3.5 Mn an hour due to disconnected systems and manual processes. Also, it has been found that ad agency executives spend countless hours adjusting campaign spends and setup custom workflows and monitoring reports. In order to bridge this gap, California, US based programmatic advertising platform , Reduce Data, has launched an advertising workflow automation tool, Optimizer.

Advertising Automation can be categorised as Buying Automation-the method of buying advertising using real-time bidding, algorithms and data and WorkFlow Automation- the automation of manual processes in the setup and management of campaigns. Optimizer works in both directions simultaneously.

It allows advertisers or ad agencies to create rules for automatic tracking of campaigns. It has the ability to check campaign conditions at real-time by leveraging real-time data and executes a resultant action when that particular condition was satisfied. The workflows can be created and managed by the account managers using a self service interface.

Also, it enables advertisers to participate in the Real-time Bidding(RTB) by using conditions and data that impact RTB buying. For example, rules can be created to increase the bid price to win the auction, only for those sites where conversion probability was high but bid price was too low.

Founded in 2012 by Asif Ali, Reduce Data is an early stage revenue generating company which provides an analytics and optimization platform. It helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns through a network independent Ad Analytics Platform along with tools to identify and eliminate marketing waste.

The company’s clientele include brands like Rackspace, Emirates, Direct Partners (ad agency) and more. Apart from California, it is also operational in Chennai and Coimbatore.

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