News Roundup: AAP goes online, Bookmycab’s Android app for Mumbaikars, Ebook for visually impaired kids

After failing with its Janata Darbar, AAP becomes tech-savvy; will now take complaints online

AAP’s leader and New Delhi’s CM, Arvind Kejriwal after facing a near- stampede like situation in his so called “Janata Darbar”, has now decided not to hold any more such events on road. The people grievances will now be taken online as well as via phone and post.

“We will use technology now. No more Janata Darbars will be held, call centres will be set up instead and complaints can be sent by post or online as well,” said Kejriwal.

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In the past few years, there has been seen a hike in the usage of technology, social media and creation of party specific websites to woo voters. Recently, BJP created a website to get voters suggestions for its election manifesto for the 2014 Lok Sabha poll.

Narendra Modi launched an Android mobile app India 272+. This app will enable volunteers across the country to participate in the open forums and share their ideas/thoughts on upcoming speeches by Narendra Modi.

As per the reports, the leaders of congress party are also realizing the importance technology plays and are seen much more aggressive on social media than before. launches android app for booking Mumbai’s regular Black and Yellow cabs instantaneously, has recently launched a free android app for Mumbaikars to book the regular Black and Yellow taxi’s instantaneously. The service could be used even without an internet connection.

“Just Hit SEND when the app prompts. ‘Not connected to the Internet. Use SMS to book a cab.’ and you are done. You will receive booking details and confirmation over SMS. You can book a cab for your friend, family member with different phone number with the same app,” the company said in a statement.

It makes uses of GPS/GPRS enabled real time tracking technology. When a call is booked, the pick up point and the destination information is passed on to the Taxi Dispatch System (TDS). The system then located nearby taxis, get approval from driver and send confirmation code to the customer.

Currently, the call based taxi service providing company has more than 3,000 taxis registered in the city that cover the entire Mumbai metropolitan region.

First Ebook for visually impaired kids to be launched soon

A first of its kind, book titled, “Reach for the Stars: Touch, Look, Listen, Learn” will soon be available on Apple’s iBook store.  An eBook on stellar evolution, it aims at children with visual impairments, ages 10 to 12, however anyone can easily read the book.

“Reach for the Stars” is the inspiration of astronomer Elena Sabbi of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Md., the lead researcher on the latest Hubble image of 30 Doradus. The team is developing the book in partnership with SAS, a company based in Cary, N.C., that develops analytics software to help people analyze and visualize data.

The eBook will consist of six chapters and will run about 90 pages. Every page of each chapter will begin with a question, followed by a short answer. Children with a variety of learning styles will be able to see the imagery and hear the text read to them using “read aloud” technology when they touch the audio icon at the bottom of each screen.

Children with visual impairments will not only hear the text read to them but also access the book using a braille display, the “VoiceOver” screen reader, or the zoom feature that is included in every iPad.

In addition, the book also will offer closed captioning, a compatibility option for people with hearing aids, and a high-contrast feature for those with low vision. The ebook will available to download for free on iPads in the near future.

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