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Mobile Internet Users in India will cross 185 Mn mark in June 2014-IAMAI

According to the latest report by IAMAI and IMRB, the number of Mobile internet users is going to reach 155 Mn in India by the end of March 2014, and 185 Mn by June 2014, maintaining a Q-o-Q growth of 20%.

Also, as per a separate report by IAMAI, there were 205 Mn Internet users in India, among which there were also 110 Mn Mobile internet users with 85 Mn users from Urban India and the rest 25 Mn from Rural India.

A majority of the Mobile internet users are urban dwellers, however till June 2014, the number of users of Mobile internet users in Rural India, will witness a 50% Y-o-Y growth to reach 32 Mn.

Nationally over 50% of the active Internet users are accessing the Internet on their mobile, apart from other sources, indicating that there has been a huge uptake in consumption of this Mobile Internet as a medium.

The percentage amount spent on Mobile Internet has gone up to 45% from 43% in 2012. The reason behind the penetration is the affordability of Internet enabled mobile devices. “The median price of a handset has fallen from Rs. 8,250 in 2012 to Rs 7,000 in 2013. More and more manufacturers are trying to target the ‘Value for Money’ segment by offering more features at lower prices.

Aircel just recently partnered with ZTE to deploy its 4G LTE network. On occasion of this announcement, Anupam Vasudev, CMO, Aircel said “The huge demand for internet enabled devices, such as smartphones and tablets among the largely young population, along with increase in consumption of data on internet and rising demand for content are some of the factors fuelling the exponential growth in data.”

The rise in the numbers of Mobile internet users will open up new opportunities for those involved in online business and mobile app development. Considering that more than 50% of Internet users in India, use Mobile as a primary or a secondary access device, mCommerce or mobile commerce has a great potential in the country.

So how will this growth of mobile Internet users affect the state of eCommerce in India? Hear what the experts have to say about this @IRE2014

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