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Jelly-crowdsource answers for the questions you have

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has finally unveiled his mobile startup-Jelly. Jelly is a mobile app that uses pictures and social networks to allow users to get answers to their questions.

The idea behind Jelly, was to create a search engine that would give relevant results with knowledge from friends and family, rather than from a generic algorithm. Although, there are several existing social QnA apps and forums like Quora, Jelly utilises pictures for the same purpose.

One can click a picture and ask his/her friends across Facebook and Twitter. With imagery, the discussion becomes more interactive. Each query is submitted to the people in the network who also have Jelly. The app notifies the user back when there are answers.

The usage is simple, one has to click a picture and type the question in the space provided. The users could follow each other, and forward questions to other users in their network.  The questions can be forwarded outside the app as well so the non-Jelly users can answer them as well.

The app is available on Apple appstore for iOS devices, and in beta mode on Google Playstore for a few devices for now.

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