Internet of Things- Five IoT devices you should know about


FlyKly is a smart wheel, which connects to smartphones via a mobile app. It provides speed control, suggests alternate routes, provides GPS tracking and has an integrated LED smart light. It comes with a smartphone mount which can also charge the users’ smartphone


The Egg Minder, is a smart egg tray with an integrated LED, indicating the oldest egg and how many egg remains.The tray sends push notifications to the user’s phone to alert when they’re running low on eggs.


Milkmaid is a smart milk jug that detects how much milk is left and its state too i.e. temperature, pH etc. When the milk in the jug goes bad, it detects that using a pH sensor in the base. Optimum milk pH is 6.7 and it informs a drop by changing the color of LED and sends text message to a smartphone.


Vybe is a bracelet which vibrates when you get a call or message. For a text message, it vibrates once, for a call–it vibrates at 1 second intervals, and a call can be rejected just by pressing it. Also, it reminds the user if his/her phone is left behind, by vibrating rapidly.


A smartphone operated smoke/carbon monoxide detector, Nest protect speaks calmly and does not shriek. It also has a unique gesture feature that silences the device by waving a hand.

Every week, Internet of Things is expanding its branches from innovative to the most commonly used objects in day to day life. Here is a list of five Internet enabled gadgets that caught our attention this week.

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