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Intel to launch hybrid PC range combining both Android and Windows

Intel-Windows-androidAmidst the falling PC market, the manufacturers like Intel, Samsung, Microsoft have been seen devising innovative ways to improve their sales. Intel will now be launching a new range of PCs combining both Android and Windows. Thereby, allowing both the apps to run on the system side by side without rebooting the system.

The company is reportedly planning to introduce the concept in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. The official name for the product has not been announced yet, however currently it is known internally as “Dual OS”.

The concept of Dual operating system is not a new one and manufactures in the past have already seen mixed results for it. The combination on one hand brings the advantages of virtual computing as well as easy data backup, while on the other hand it also requires a better configuration to sustain the system requirements.

Moreover, as per the reports, Microsoft and Google are also not much interested in the idea. Whereas Microsoft is attempting to convince PC manufacturers to cancel their plans to show at CES, Google might refuse such devices for use with Google play and other services.

Also, it is being speculated that the introduction of hybrid devices by Intel is an aim to create a buzz at CES while the future success of such devices is still uncertain.

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