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Indian Google Glass developers to soon get their first crack as Silicon Valley VC launches hackathon

A Silicon Valley based venture capitalist Asha Jadeja, in partnership with National Institute of Design, is organising a  two days technology and design event for developers in India.

The idea is to give a run start to Indian entrepreneurs and programmers to build and launch their apps on Glassware before Google Glass becomes available to the public. Moreover, this will put India on the global tech innovation map.

The hackathon which is being organised in partnership with the Maker Fest will be free and open to the public. The event will take place in Ahmedabad at the National Institute of Design on January 4 and 5, and programmers from all over India and US will showcase their work.

Some of the makers who will exhibit the event include child prodigy – Susant Pattnaik – known for designing a wheelchair which functions on breath sensors, a team that has created state of the art drones, 3-D printers, and Evomo – a Rural Mobility Vehicle, among many others.

Alongside Maker Fest, Asha has donated a USD 140,000 Fablab from MIT to the maker community in Ahmedabad. The Fablab is a set of digital fabrication equipment and software to help makers transform their imagination into products. The Fablab is housed at the CEPT University Ahmedabad and will be open to the public at select hours every day.

The event will be inaugurated by Sam Pitroda, advisor to the Prime Minister for Innovation and Chairman at  National Innovation Council.

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