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Google acquires Swiss startup Bitspin, the maker of Android alarm clock app Timely

TimelyGoogle has acquired Bitspin, the maker of Timely, an Android alarm clock app, as revealed from an announcement posted on the company’s webpage. However, the other details and amount of the deal remain undisclosed. As a part of the deal, Google will now make available Timely, which was formerly a paid app, for free on Google play store.

Bitspin, a Zürich, Switzerland based startup is known for its alarm clock app valued by its users for its cool user interface and easy synchronization capabilities. One just need to swipe from the edge of the screen and set the desired time by dragging a bar and tapping will do the 5 minute adjustments.

Since its launch on Google Play store, the app has received quite a good response and has seen downloads upto five million. Some users who have purchased the app just a few days back were also found outrageous on free availability now.

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