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Goibibo introduces E-wallet service goCash to help its customers get instant booking refunds

Online travel site Goibibo has launched its own E-wallet called goCash, to help customers get instant reimbursements from ticket cancellations. This will work as a digital currency or a point based system on the website that will overcome the reimbursement delays and help users make another instant booking across all the travel services available on the portal.

According to the company website, banks take upto 15 business days to credit refunds back into the customers account, which makes it frustrating for travellers, especially for frequent travellers. goCash overcomes this problem with almost no delays in refund.

Moreover, at an average of 2 out of every 3 customers rebook a ticket within 10 days of cancellation the company claims – giving a significant need of such solution to be available on travel portals. As a launch offer, goIbibo is also giving users 2% bonus goCash for a three month period.

How it works ?

While cancellation on Goibibo, the user gets an option to opt for refund via goCash, instead of a refund through debit/credit card. If chosen goCash, the amount is credited into the customer’s goibibo account.

Now while booking another ticket, if the user is logged in and has goCash in his account, goibibo automatically deducts the booking amount from goCash without prompting him/her to add any card details. Users can access their goCash account to check the status of their goCash points anytime they want.

Other than making it a convenient way for the users to book tickets with the money refunded the move guarantees the company to retail their customers. As when the customers receive the money in their GoIbibo wallet, they are  more likely to use it on Goibibo rather than using another website to re-book the ticket.

In November last year, IRCTC launched its mobile wallet solution to make online booking easy for its customers. Under this, customers can fill their account on IRCTC with credit and use it for booking tickets rather than going through a lengthy, time-taking process of paying thorough card every time.

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