Connected Consumer: What it takes to acquire them?

connected consumerConnected consumer plays an important role in today’s eCommerce industry. But how to target them and thus convert them into a potential buyer of your online retail store is the key question here.

According to a basic marketing theory, consumer’s buying decision involves 4 stages, viz. information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase behavior.

This goes exactly the same in the online world, however with one difference. Because of being wired into the internet economy, the reach to information and possibility of sharing the experience post purchase will be much wider for a connected consumer than a probable normal shopper.

In words of Swati Bhargava, CEO & Founder, today a brand can not shy away from a connected consumer because they are into the 360 degree cycle of buying and sharing. “The minute he discovers anything goes wrong, he will make sure that everyone knows about it. At the same time, a good service will actually make him your brand advocate, and even without incentivizing, he will be praising you everywhere”, she added.

Now, before planning out any marketing strategy, the online retailer must ensure atleast two things. First, identify the whereabouts of a connected consumer and second, make sure that his brand is present there.

We can basically divide a connected consumer into three tiers:

1) Those who are online just to connect with their social circle on sites such as facebook.

2) Those who are on facebook + actively searching for products, price comparisons, better deals, etc. and sharing their reviews.

3) Those who are online+ active on all social media including facebook, twitter, youtube, Pinterest, google + etc.

Once the online retailer identifies where on the three tiers lies his range of connected consumers, he must make sure that his brand is present there, interacting and building relationship.

The marketing channels which could further be deployed include affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, Google Adword, SEO, You Tube and others.

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