CCAvenue now accepts payments in 27 currencies, launches new features including Brand 360° and IFrame integration

CCAvenue has recently revamped its website with new features and services. The new platform aims to meet the demands of start-ups and next generation eCommerce in terms of scalability, functionality or adaptability.

The new features will be available along with the payment gateway, without additional charges. Some of these features include:

1) Multiple Currency Processing: The payments can be collected in 27 major currencies apart from Indian Rupee. Thereby allowing merchants to Go Global and deliver localized buying experience and avoid conversion disputes.

2) eCommerce SaaS services: The customers will have an option to access features similar to an eCommerce SaaS service provider such as website creation, 1-click checkout and more. Also, there is no limit on addition of products to the website.

3) Free iFrame integration: The platform provides ‘iFrame’ integration. It will allow an online retailer to collect card credentials and accept payments on his checkout page without being PCI DSS certified. Also, it will reduce payment hops and allow customers to make secure payments without leaving the webpage to provide a seamless brand experience.

4) Brand 360°: This is a marketing analytics tool that gives an overall brand acceptance review and specific reports pertaining to SEO, Social Media efforts, Online reputation management etc.

Other available features are-‘Smart Dynamic Routing’ of bank gateways, to ensure better transaction success rate; ‘Dynamic Event Notifications’ that notifies the occurrence of events (like refund and order confirmation) to registered URLs and ‘Invoice Payment System’ that allows one to send recurring or bulk invoices to his customers via email or SMS, will also be avaliable on the platform.

Mr. Vishwas Patel, CEO, Avenues India states, “This is just a new beginning for our merchant partners. There will be a lot more in store for them in the coming months. We shall continue to develop innovative features and service to equip these businesses with the powerful arsenal needed to succeed in the ever-changing, complex world of eCommerce.”

CCAvenue, founded in 2001, currently powers more than 85% of the eCommerce merchants in the country. Recently, it  became the first and only payment gateway to go live with DBS Bank’s Net Banking option.

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