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Apple acquires SnappyLabs, the maker of smartphone camera app SnappyCam

apple-1It seems that Apple after targeting mapping software companies has now switched to photo technology startups. As per the reports, Apple has recently acquired SnappyLabs, the maker of  iPhone app, SnappyCam. The other terms and amount of the deal are still undisclosed.

SnappyCam, founded in 2011, is an initiative of tech entrepreneur and an alumni of University of Melbourne, John Papandriopoulos. SnappyCam is said to be capable of taking full resolution photos at 20 to 30 frames per second.

The acquisition, thus makes complete sense for Apple which has been seen acquiring smaller technology firms from time to time to improve its own technology. This time, its device’s camera.

As disclosed by TechCrunch previously, soon after the acquisition, the app was found missing from the Apple iTunes store and also all of the SnappyLab’s websites went blank. Also, we were not able to track app’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Improving smartphone’s photo capabilities are one of the prime focus areas of the tech giants all around the world. Thus, the developers in this field with some innovative technologies are being highly valued. As per IDC, the worldwide smartphone market grew 38.8% year over year in the third quarter of 2013, with Apple taking second position next to Samsung selling 33.8 Mn units as compared to Samsung’s 81.2 Mn units. Well, looking at the series of acquisitions made by Apple in the year 2013, and the recent SnappyLabs in the beginning of the year, can we expect Apple to switch positions with Samsung? Let’s wait and watch.

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