By 2015, the global industry for organic products is expected to grow to USD 1 Billion

organic shopTalking about fads, ‘Organic’ is the current ‘e-commerce’ vogue for the investors, consumers and brands these days. With the market for organic products growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20-22 per cent, the global market, only for the organic food and beverages, is expected to grow from USD 57.2 Bn in 2010 to USD 104.5 Bn by 2015, with a CAGR of 12.8 per cent.

Talking about exports, India exported 135 products last year (2012-13) with a total volume of 165262 MT including 4985 MT organic textiles. The organic agricultural export realization was around USD 374 Mn including 160 USD in organic textiles, registering a 4.38% growth over the previous year.

The organic products market is growing at a mind boggling rate. The industry has witnessed a transformational shift, thanks to the increase in awareness and conscious efforts of people to adapt to the healthy way of life off late. By 2015, the global industry for organic products is expected to grow to USD 1 Bn.

At present, the industry is growing globally at about 14-15% while the Indian industry is growing at a 20% on a Y-o-Y basis. Besides matured markets like USA and Europe, demand from other developing markets is also increasing which is a good sign for the consumers at large.

Organic Shop has been in this business only since past 3 years and the Jaipur based start-up has grown at an encouraging rate of 30-35% every year. While creating a one stop global marketplace for organic products was the first step towards building an eco-system for an uncomplicated and transparent retailing of organic products, the next obvious step is to expand our operations globally starting with some of the key markets for organic products like Europe and US.

We have very recently ventured into the European market with a view to bring the widest range of organic products to the European market. The deal has been signed officially on 9th January with a Europe based company called TrdaeFormAir Ltd to look after the marketing and distribution of Organic products under the brand Online Organic Mart Europe Ltd. (

An extremely critical aspect of venturing into the Europe market first is that Europe has evolved as one of the leading markets and producers of organic products worldwide and this sector has not fully been tapped by the global players in the industry. This gives Organic Shop an opportunity to bring the best organic and green products to the end consumers and vice versa.

Apart from Europe, Organic Shop also has plans to next venture into the US market, for which the company will talk officially only after April, 2014.

Organic Shop is an effort to bridge the gap between the farmers who produce products in small quantities and lack market exposure for their products, and bring their products close to the consumers. It offers a range of close to 6000 certified organic products, organic clothing, food, cosmetics and wellness products, textile products like yoga mats, towels and comforters, organic spices, green tea, grocery, organic cosmetics, herbal and health products to name a few.

About the author: Manuj Terapanthi is the founder & CEO of He is a serial entrepreneur and launched his first company 17 years ago called Infopark, which was into computer training. Organic shop was founded in 2011 when he identified that there is a lack of transparent functioning in the organic products business. He is an alumni of Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur and is an avid reader and loves to travel to places.

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