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Yahoo back to its acquisition spree, now targets natural language processing startup, SkyPhrase

yahoo-labsIt seems that Marissa Mayer has come back with her acquisition spree after taking a short break, starting with the image recognition technology startup, LookFlow last month. Now, she had set her eyes on natural language processing company, SkyPhrase, as mentioned on the company’s site.

According to Yahoo’s blog, the four people team of SkyPhrase, founded by Nick Cassimatis, will join the Yahoo Labs team in New York. As mentioned by James Loftus, Vice President and Co-Head, Corporate Development at Yahoo! in a tweet, this is first acquisition for Yahoo Labs.

SkyPhrase aims at making it easy to use data, thereby making use of the artificial intelligence technology to allow a person to pose a question in simple natural language. Before acquisition, the company was into the web analytics and football statistics. It also created an app for fantasy football players to pick only relevant stats for monitoring the team.

“At SkyPhrase, we believe online information and services would be much more powerful and user friendly if people could tell computers what they want to accomplish using natural language. The technology we developed enables computers to understand more complex and precise human language than ever before”, as said by SkyPhrase team on the site.

SkyPhrase was backed by investors such as Thiel foundation(undisclosed Grant) and Han Huang (USD 250k seed funding). Also, the support team included Paul Bello, Joost Bonsen, Diana Cooper, Breakout Labs, and Don Williams.

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