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Yahoo acquires content delivery network provider PeerCDN

Since the start of this year, Yahoo’s aggressive acquisition spree has made it to gobble a number of startups in various fields. This includes data analytics, image recognition technologies, apps, mobile, video and many more. This time it has laid its hands on a peer to peer content delivery network provider, PeerCDN, as announced on the company’s webpage.

The acquisition amount and terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet, however, as per Yahoo, three engineers of PeerCDN will be joining the media organization in Sunnywale. “The team has a solid background in domain expertise and a passion for video that makes them a perfect fit for Yahoo”, said Yahoo.

PeerCDN, an initiative of Stanford engineering alumni viz. Feross, Abo and John, utilizes a JavaScript code in order to reduce the website bandwidth by 90%. It automatically offloads the majority of the hosting burden to site visitors, thereby reducing the bandwidth costs and increasing the website speed.

(from Left: John Hiesey, Feross Aboukhadijeh, & Abi Raja)

The startup launched its open source project, WebRTC, earlier in this month with an aim to improve speeds and ensure that websites can handle high traffic. 

The acquisition perfectly make sense for Yahoo as lately it has been facing issues linked to mail outages. Also, the previous acquisitions indicate its aim to offer rich media content and thereby requiring a way to subside bandwidth costs for that.

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