Tired of remembering multiple passwords? Try Clef

CLEFNo wonder, remembering passwords is a real pain and there are a number of apps which help users overcome this issue. One such app is Clef, which completely removes the need to use both a username, and password.

The app works by identifying a user with his/her smartphone and replaces the less secure one-factor identity authentication (user name and password) system with a visually dynamic login pattern.

Put simply, it’s an app for smartphone users that uses encryption keys thus making the authentication process more secure and easy. With Clef users are able to login with one click by using a combination of paired mobile devices, cloud-based data services and a key cryptography to provide authentication.

Once users download the app, they set up their personal digital profile in the form of their own personal digital signature which is then used to any site they’re logging into. When that user visits a site integrated with Clef, they select the “Log in With Your Phone” which then displays a unique visual pattern signal. Holding their phone to the computer screen then sends the digital signature and offers certification to the user.

Websites that currently use Clef include StartupExchange, HootSuite and WordPress, among others. Frequen wordpress users can also download its wordpress plugin.

Where the app offers any user a great deal of easy usability, its a wonderful business application. As with Clef, companies can easily manage user roles and login capabilities by implementing Clef for their WordPress installs. Here’s a video showing you how it all works:

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