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Worldwide Tablet Shipments’ growth rate to decelerate drastically by 2017- IDC

According to the latest forecast by International Data Corporation (IDC), tablet shipments’ growth will slow down to 22.2% Y-o-Y in 2014 and will further fall to single digit percentages by 2017.

This year worldwide tablet shipments have reached 221.3 Mn units, a 53.5% increase from 2012. The affordability and mobility of tablets are the reasons behind the shift in user preferences from desktops-laptops to tablets. However now the annual growth rate is gradually falling and the number of shipments will hit 386.3 Mn units in 2017.

Tablets act as a median between smartphones and computers. The consumer market has moved towards small sized tablets in the last two years, however the rise of phablets, i.e. big-screened smartphones, is working against this trend. The line between small tablets and large smartphones is thinning, with average sizes being 7 inch and 6 inch respectively.

“In some markets consumers are already making the choice to buy a large smartphone rather than buying a small tablet, and as a result we’ve lowered our long-term forecast,” said Tom Mainelli, Research Director, IDC.

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