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Twitter reportedly working on ‘edit tweet’ option

twitterlogoMicroblogging site Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to edit their tweets. The feature will be slowly rolled out after satisfactory tests are made and Twitter is confident about it.

According to The Desk, Twitter is working from months to embed the functionality that would allow the author to make “slight changes” to the contents of the Tweet only once. The news has been confirmed by three sources close to the project.

The new feature will be present for a limited time after a tweet is posted to give users the ability to fix typos and add or remove a few words.

The feature will work in the following manner:

After publishing a tweet, the user will see an ‘edit’ feature for a limited period of time. During this time, the content creator can make edits such as removing a word, correcting typos and adding additional words. This however, will not allow user to change the overall message of the Tweet, and to  monitor that Twitter is yet developing an editorial algorithm that will track how many characters or words an individual user is attempting to change.

Despite the above report, a spokesperson familiar with the matter told FoxNews “We don’t comment on what we are or aren’t working on.”

Well, whatever’s the case, the rumor however, does make sense as the social network has some negative reputation for spreading misinformation and a move to help people edit their comments when they disperse wrong information could help Twitter change that.

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