Treetins, an online social platform that aims to get strangers talking

treetingSocial networking has evolved to encompass a significant amount of people’s time on the internet. We spend hours talking to people online, but with those whom we know already. Social networks like Facebook and Google+ have evolved in a way where most of the people have limited themselves to their social circles of friends, family and colleagues. But what if someone wants to connect to strangers ?

Treetins, a Mumbai based startup has designed an online social network which connects like-minded people. “We often look for a medium where people could meet strangers purely based on their opinions about an interest rather than who they are or what they look like – Treetins solves that problem.” said Prince Jacob Thomas founder, Treetins.

The idea seems quite similar to another mobile dating app Twine, designed to connect people who match sharing similar interests and personal details, like age group, location etc. But where Twine is focused on connecting two people at personal level – Treetin has taken a step further.

Treetins allows users to meet strangers purely based on their expression on a particular interest. That said, its a perfect place for people who want to make new, like minded friends or want to make contacts based on their abilities/work done.

How Treetins works for a user ?

A user begins his journey as a stranger on Treetins. He can meet other strangers on the platform by either expressing or conversing. Any expression, it could be text, link, photo, video (post), is always anonymous and reveals nothing (age, gender, sex, name) about the user but only their thoughts on that particular topic.

When someone chooses the option to converse, he/she gets to see a host of expressions posted by other users. After finding an expression of interest, he/she can choose to start a conversation with the author of the expression, again without revealing the identity. Once connected they are strangers no more, they can message each other directly and can subsequently see any posts made by the other. At any point in time a user can remove the other from his bench (friend list). Once removed there is no provision for a people search.

Despite the fact that the portal is just a few days old – the startup begun its operations around nine months ago. The team of four – Prince Jacob Thomas, Chandy Thomas, Mohit Narwal & Aditya Dhull hosted an offline initiative ‘Share your table‘ to spread the message of Making strangers social. Treetins is not just an online platform to making strangers social but an ‘organization’ that promotes positive interactions between strangers through different mediums.

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