Top 5 apps that help you track your business travel-expenses and shifts better

Traveling on business trips is a lot different from taking a vacation. Where business trips take people far off cities away from their daily routine and allow them to have some genuine fun – most of the time they’ll need to work, worry about meetings, presentations and other hassles.

Of those stress factors, tracking expenses and shifts they have worked is one of the biggest challenge – but technically it doesn’t need to be. Thanks to a few great mobile apps, employees can now stay on top of their records as you go along. These apps allow businesses and employees to keep a track of money being spent on a trip and hours worked for, before submitting them for reimbursement.

What follows are top 5 shortlisted expense/shifts tracking apps –


1) ProOnGoproongo

ProOnGo is suitable for small business owners to track both employees’ expenses and clients’ payments. Users can add expenses manually or via a handy receipt scanner, which auto-extracts the vendor, date and total amount. One of the best feature called ‘Mileage expenses’ recorder allows salespeople to add expenses by GPS or manually via the odometer function.

To record payments made by clients – one can add categories, type (e.g., business or personal), client name, items etc. Based on data (income and expenses) the app also generates bar, graphs and even excel sheets for easy representation or sharing.

2) FreshBooksfreshbooks

FreshBooks is a must have app for cloud-based accounting purposes for small business owners and freelancers. It enables all the features that one might expect from the cloud-based accounting app including client/payments management, expense tracking, send branded invoices, track time schedules, collect online payments and much more.

It offers simple and easy to navigate design and how a user uses the app depends on the nature of  business. One can use every feature together, or can simply just pick and choose individual features to use.

3) Time Recordingtimerecording

Time Recording is a must download for those who are working in a shift-based environment. The app makes it remarkably easy to create projects and tasks and then assign the time spent to those tasks by simply checking in at the time of start and checking out.

Once a user is checked out, the app integrates the detail of number of hours worked in the form of a calender, and allow him/her to save the time sheets to Dropbox or Google Drive. What’s best about the app is that it has a very simple user interface design which allows beginners to understand its functionality without much hassle.

4) CashSynccashsync

CashSync works a virtual assistant for business travelers who need to allow others to access their expenses on demand. Familiar features are available, such as a currency converter, financial calculator, cloud synchronization, shared accounting, tracking and repeat transaction memory. In order to use MultiCash and have the benefit of synchronization of data, users are required to create a profile.

The biggest thing that could drew anyone to this app, is its elegant and sleek interface. Everything is displayed in a clean format, making all the data easy to read from the get-go. The app is easy to use and understand, in terms of its functionality.

5) Expenditureexpenditure

With a simple and intuitive interface, Expenditure allows users to keep a track on their expenses and income. To add a transaction, enter amount and select whether it is an expense (red button) or income (green button). One can also add details/notes, date/time of transaction etc.

Transaction details are then shown on what looks like a paper receipt roll. The home screen always displays the remaining funds – after adding or subtracting the transactions being done. The app is ideal to download for those who are into a business which requires to keep a track of their expenses against the income or total funds.

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