Social networking sites can help in career growth: a survey

There’s no denying the fact that social networking has almost everyone hooked, and has changed the nature of personal and group communications with people preferring to be ‘friends on Facebook’ and ‘hangout at Google+’. However, social networking can turn out to be a powerful tool for moving ahead professionally too.

According to a recent Kelly Global Workforce Index survey conducted by Kelly services, social media is impacting job selection, career choice and recruitment all over the world.

Use of social media for job search by country

The survey found that countries in the Asia Pacific region such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and India were more open to using social media for job searching while most respondents from European countries, with the exception of Netherlands and Poland, preferred traditional methods to look for jobs.

About 64% respondents from India said they would be more inclined to search for jobs via social media than traditional methods.

Some of the ways social media is affecting users’ career growth are listed below.

Job targeting:

Globally, 44% of respondents said that they have been contacted via social media about a job opportunity in the past 12 months, while more than half (56%) of respondents from the Asia Pacific had been contacted about a potential job via social media. 


Job secured:

Within the last year, around 16% of respondents from around the world claim they gained a new job opportunity which originated through social media.

The share was even higher for people in the Asia Pacific, with 25% people saying they secured a job through social networking.


Job decision:

Social media also helps people share information, views, positive or negative feedback for prospective job opportunities.

Around 39% people globally say they use social media networks when making career decisions, and over half the people (51%) in Asia Pacific take career advice from friends and colleagues on social media sites.


Job referral:

Using social media as a method to provide job referrals and job opportunities among friends and colleagues is also a growing trend, with close to 53% people globally saying they agree to using

Asia Pacific is again a hotspot in online job sourcing, with 61% of the respondents from this region agreeing to using social media sites to provide job referrals.

The findings of this survey make it clear that social media is increasingly being accepted as a valid tool by both recruiters and individuals looking for employment opportunities.

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