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Instagram is a fast, beautiful and fun way to capture and share your life moments with friends and family. But given that the network has only digital reach – people would take tons of photos on Instagram, upload it, get a dozen likes and ultimately forget about them. Why not print, touch and rekindle those memories with Printajoy ?

Printjoy is an Ahmedabad based startup which plans to print and ship Instagrams to its users. “Seeing the rising usage of Instagram in India and the love for printed photos, we planned to start Printajoy” said Jayneil Dalal, cofounder at Printajoy. According to Jayneil, Printajoy is India’s first online printing solution that enables users to convert their Instagram photos into beautiful square prints.

Currently Printajoy is running a crowdfunding campaign on Wishberry, an Indian version of popular crowdfunding websites like  Kickstarter and IndieGogo. The startup has raised round 50,000 so far, off their total target of INR 1 lakh. They are also offering funders various perks for their contribution.

Started working on this idea in early November, Printajoy launched its crowd funding campaign on Wishberry on Dec 5. Post a successful campaign result, the company is planning to start shipping prints from January, 2014.

Printajoy’s team currently consists of Sohil, Kishan and Jayneil and who all hail from Ahmedabad. According to them the market is very niche and there are a very few competitors as of now who have launched similar services including That being said, the opportunity seems promising. “Despite being a new entrant in the market, we are confident enough that we can win over our competitors on price and a better website experience,” claims Jayneil.

Other players working in this niche include Printagram, Stichtagram, Origrami and few others.

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