Noteworthy advertisements of year 2013

Thousand of ads are made each year around the world, these run through across Television, Internet, Billboard and so on, but how many actually leave an impact. Here is a list of five meaningful advertisements made this year which are worth noting.

1. Reunion- An advertisement for Google Search made by Google

With over 10 Mn Youtube views in a month, this ad by Google does deserve a mention. In this short video Google wants to show how search could be used to find anything or anyone. With the backdrop of the partition of India, the story narrates how technology united two friends after six decades of separation.

2. Vodafone’s smartphones advertisement

Although this ad by Vodafone is clearly endorsing Galaxy Gear and Note 3, but also in a nutshell it is showing how a smartphone could help anyone navigate in a foreign land. In a poetic musical manner, the protagonist shows how despite of the language barrier, he is able to find his friends in an exotic land. The TV commercial managed to get approximately 100,000 shares on Facebook as well in under a month.

3. Smart billboard display ad by British Airways

British Airways took billboard advertising a step ahead with this interactive display. A toddler on the screen points up to any plane passing above it in the sky, and gives the flight details as well. It is asking people to follow its lead with the slogan-Look Up.

4. Breaking TV commercial stereotypes by Tanishq

In a country where most people are still conservative when it comes to marital issues, Tanishq, a prominent jewellery brand in India, is breaking stereotypes in this TV commercial. A dusky skin bride with a child is getting married in a highly positive atmosphere, without any stigma attached to it. Even though it was meant for the television, it gained quite a fan following online as well.

5. Raising voice against child abuse by Anar Foundation

Spain based ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) is a nonprofit organization that released a special display ad to help victims of child abuse. The lenticular lens it uses allows different messages to be displayed when viewed from different angles. An adult would see a general warning about child abuse, whereas a child would see a message urging the child to seek help with a number to dial, if he/she is suffering.

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