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Narendra Modi inspired retail brand launched online, presenting the NaMo Store

After Bollywood actors and cricketers, now even Indian politicians are getting commercialised. An online store selling Narendra Modi merchandise has been launched in India. The NaMo Store is selling apparel and stationary inspired by the BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) politician.

According to a report by Livemint, there are plans to launch offline retail stores in various cities as well.

The store has been set up by a group of volunteers in a firm called Take India Beyond Merchandising Pvt Ltd, and Modi himself has yet not made a statement about it.

The dedicated store is not only selling NaMo merchandise but is also promoting Narendra Modi and his party through various slogans and blog articles. So its not exactly clear if the site has been made by just Modi-BJP supporters or members themselves.

“No leader, in political arena has embraced technology & social media as NaMo has.” says an article on this eCommerce website. And it is very much true, to keep up with the social media trends and the youth, the BJP leader has been seen to be quite active himself on Twitter.

The Prime Ministerial candidate had given approval to use his name as a brand to a Gujarat based retail chain, Jade Blue, for selling ‘Modi Kurtas’.

He already has over 7.5 Mn Facebook fans, and 3 Mn Twitter followers. The new store too has already started generating user based tweets.

The website illustrates that the revenue generated from the sales of its products will go for a social cause ‘Beti Bachao Program’ which was started by Narendra Modi himself. It is interesting that the money will not go to fund BJP’s campaign but rather for a noble cause.

Last month a Modi inspired mobile game ‘Narendra Modi:Game’ was released on Google PlayStore, which has a high rating as well.

Such a move is a first time thing in India, stores selling merchandise inspired by Bollywood celebrities is common. Recently on retirement of the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, several online retailers had started just a category dedicated to Sachin merchandise. A whole retail website dedicated for a single political leader is new.

The Lok Sabha elections which will decide which Prime Ministerial candidate will win are scheduled in the coming year 2014. How will selling NaMo brand merchandise online affect the poll? Share your views in the comments

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