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MyGlass for iOS app store, returns

If you own a Google Glass and iPhone there is a good news for you, as the company has now officially released its Google Glass supporting app ‘MyGlass’ for iOS.

The app enables users control several features including screencast of their field of view, manage contacts, get directions, initial setup of the Glass and much more.

The company rolled out the application earlier on Tuesday, but after a brief appearance the app store page got disappeared. Following the sudden removal of the page, Google however posted an explanation on its Google+ page saying that the company first had to release several Google Glass software updates first.

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Android users have long had access to an Android version of theMyGlass app. Essentially both the app deliver quite a similar functions. Prior to the launch of MyGlass for iOS, users could still pair Glass with an iPhone and use it, but it lacked much of the advanced functionality available on Android.

Google Glass can be purchased via invitation from Google for USD1500. MyGlass for iOS can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

While the app is freely available, it’s essentially worthless without the Google Glass hardware. But if you do have Glass, and an iPhone, the new MyGlass app will help you raise the user experience.

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