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Lucknow Municipal Corporation ties up with 37 banks to offer online tax payment

Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has entered into an agreement with 37 banks in the city, to offer online tax payment facility to a large number of residents, reports TOI.

Earlier the Government body had a tie up with only 4 banks, namely HDFC, SBI, PNB and ICICI, hence the online payment option was restricted to a small circle of taxpayers. However with this recent move, more people can now pay their house tax online, by credit card, debit card or through netbanking on LMC’s officials website.

Municipal Commissioner, PK Srivastava said, “The tie-ups have been done to expand our services for residents who faced problems while coming to our office and making payments. This will save their time and also improve tax collection.”

Many other state municipal bodies like those in Delhi, Chennai, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and many more, offer online payment of taxes through partnerships with banks like SBI, IDBI, HDFC, Indian bank, ICICI, United Bank of India etc.

An integration of such organisations with banks, will offer more convenience to the general public and allow more efficient collection and management of taxes by the Government. And if the Government bodies themselves start promoting online and mobile banking/payment methods, the effect would trickle down to the lower strata of the society, which will demand for further technological development.

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