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Next in Internet of things, the human body as an interface

With Internet of Things(IOT) taking space in the people’s home with all sorts of devices like watches, locks, glasses and even the apparels, the researchers are now testing “imaginary interfaces” as an alternative to the usual mode of mobile-device interaction.

According to Cisco’s latest release, the two separate groups of researchers in Germany are testing technologies that use the human body as an integrated component of the user interface.

The Hasso Plattner Institute have designed an “Imaginary Phone” situated within the palm of the user’s hand. While, researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt have created a prototype called “EarPut” that uses the ear’s surface to input commands from user to computer.

Take a look here on the prototypes of both the devices:

The current prototype of Imaginary Phone involves mounting a chest camera and a bluetooth earpiece for audio feedback. Each point on palm will then represent number pad elements, news, e-mail and so on. “This suggests body-based interfaces could be the foundation of future mobile interactive systems,” said Sean Gustafson, a researcher at Berlin.

EarPut on the other hand uses human ear as the interface for interactions. The researchers have found four possible regions on the ear that can be utilized precisely. Also, its more easy and people can use it as a remote control in future to all the current “Internet of Everything”. This means that right from changing the TV channels to shuffling the songs on the iPod, a user can do it just by touching his ear.

The team building these devices aims to create an interface that didn’t require the user to look at the device at all. Obviously, these are just prototypes and the final product has to evolve through many challenges with two be the most important viz. making them smaller and cheaper at the same time keeping them much user friendly.

Certainly, Internet of Things is revolutionizing the whole concept of internet and connectivity. If the above concept get successful, it could open the doors to a whole new world of connectivity, with this blend of internet and technology enabling the industries to increase their user base to a wider extent.

Feature Image Credit:- Cisco

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