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Internet of Things- Five IoT devices you should know about

  1. Smarty ring, a bluetooth-enabled wearable ring that allows users to check smartphone alerts for calls, texts emails and social media notifications along with managing incoming calls, camera and music right from their finger.


  2. Xiaodu iErmu, a wifi-controlled camera intended for household watch that installs automatically in a WiFi environment, and provides live stream of footage on devices like PC, smartphone, or tablet through the users’ Baidu account.


  3. Automatic Link, a small device that plugs into the standard data port of a car and sends driving data to a phone via Bluetooth to track driving habits, detect a serious crash and contact emergency services, and track a car’s parking location.


  4. HAPIfork, an electronic fork to monitor and track eating habits, measure how fast a person is eating and transmit that data to a computer, and to alert the users when they are eating too fast through light indicators and vibration.

  5. iKettle, a Wi-Fi enabled kettle with various temperature settings that can be controlled remotely from the users smartphone in order to remove the time spent while waiting for the kettle to boil, and the app also works as an alarm clock.



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