Internet of Things- Five IoT devices you should know about


Vigo, a wearable alertness tracker with an inbuilt camera, detects if the user is getting drowsy based on the blinking pattern and flashes an LED light, vibrates in the ear, or plays music to alert the user. It can also function as a bluetooth headset.


Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting is a set of connected LED bulbs that can be remotely controlled by an iOS or Android app to turn the bulbs on or off, set a custom color, set timed alarms or control lights based on the user’s GPS location.


iSmartAlarm is a smart home security system that comes with a motion sensor, contact sensor, remote tag, and an optional camera that can be accessed from a smartphone and programmed to automatically snap pictures during a break-in.


Beam, a smart toothbrush that records the user’s brushing habits and frequency, syncs via bluetooth to the user’s smartphone and presents a visualization of the stored data like regularity, brush times and comparison between habits of multiple users.


DoorBot is a smart doorbell that comes with an integrated camera and connects via Wi-Fi to the user’s smartphone in order to stream images or videos of anyone at the door along with cloud storage and integration ability with smart lock Lockitron.

IoT is slowly unfurling its network across the globe, from wearables to home appliances, innovative devices are coming up every now and then. Here is our this week’s list of five smart gadgets from the sphere of Internet of Things


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