Internet of Things- Five IoT devices you should know about


Nest Thermostat, a smart thermostat that saves energy by learning the user’s schedule, automatically detects user’s absence through Auto-away mode, and comes with  Wi-Fi connectivity so it can be remotely regulated by a mobile app.


Tod smart beacon, a tiny bluetooth device that can send notifications to the user’s smartphone based on when it crosses into or out of a specific area to help keep track of children, pets, keys or luggage.


Babytree Smartwatch for pregnant women, that is able to record fetal movements and contractions of the uterus, update the mother-to-be on the baby’s growth in terms of weight and size and gives the user advice on their diet and exercise .


A smart home security system, with a base station that plugs into the user’s Wi-Fi router and connects wirelessly to the motion sensor, open/close sensor and door lock, allowing the user to connect, control and protect the home remotely via a smartphone or computer.


Sony has patented a ‘SmartWig’, a hairpiece with embedded, hidden electronics and sensors that will send feedback to the wearer as vibrations or small electric shocks, for navigation when used with GPS or for a text message, phone call or email.

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