What all did India tweet about in 2013-Sachin, Modi, Bigg Boss, SRK and more

This year Google declared Bollywood and Cricket to be the mainstays of India’s Internet, due to a high amount of searches around them, the story was not so different on Twitter as well.

In 2013, people in India used Twitter mostly to discuss Cricket, politics, Bollywood, television and news events, both national and international.


SRK and Akshay Kumar fandoms seem to be leading the Twitter charts when it comes to Bollywood chatter on the social forum. But at the same time while #WeLoveSRK is on the first position, there are 3 Akshay related hashtags in the most tweeted Bollywood topics.

And not just the actors and their fans, movie production houses like Yash Raj Films, too used Twitter to keep up the conversation of their upcoming movies.


2013 would be remembered by the sports fans in India as the year when Sachin Tendulkar retired. In response to the overwhelming number of farewell tweets, the popular cricketer himself responded back to his followers.

Indian Television

Not just in India, Twitter and television have globally formed an interesting mix. Television viewers tweet to engage into real time discussions with other viewers online. #BB7 and #ThePerfectBachelor seem to be India’s favourite shows to discuss online. However, it has to be mentioned that many tweets for the latter hashtag are generic too, and not directly about Mallika Sherawat’s show.

News and Politics

Although the political discussions on Twitter are a mix bag, Narendra Modi is the most talked about politician on the website, followed by Congress member Rahul Gandhi. It is interesting how social networks have become a forum for political discussions, and for political leaders to directly reach out to people.

The hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru, who was convicted by Indian court for the December 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, lead to some serious discussions on this public forum.

Also, people also got a platform to collectively discuss other issues like Tarun Tejpal’s conviction, a gang rape in Mumbai, the Syrian crisis and so on.

Hence Twitter wasn’t just used for exchanging views about the entertainment industry, but other public matters as well. So all in all, India found a lot of things to talk about on this social network. With its plan to bring offline Tweeting in India in the coming few months, 2014 will see more Indians joining in these discussions.

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