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Google is tracking your life minute by minute

Would you like the sound of Google being able to keep a minute by minute track of your life ? May be not, but its true. Google’s location history browser tells a user about his/her exact location in the past for any specific time. The map shows the entire location history in the form of a graph, with a timeline feature. Scrub your cursor at the bottom of the screen and the map above the graph will play back your day, movement-by-movement.

If you are carrying any Android device, Google can track your location minute by minute, provided that you opt-in. The service prompts during the initial setup of a device, asking users if Google could transmit and store their location data, and this is where you have the choice to opt-out.

But allowing Google to do so might happen accidently – may be while allowing Google to have your location sometime for a particular app or mindlessly clicking through the setup of a new device – who knows!

On a positive note, If you realize that there’s a location that you don’t want to be seen in your history, you can simply wipe it out one by one or clean your entire day’s history, just like you delete the web history from you computer. One can also disable or enable the service manually – depending upon whether you find it useful, interesting, or invasive.

Undoubtedly the service has the potential to help national law enforcement services fight better against crime with the ability to track the locations of suspicious individuals, but it does raise several privacy concerns for citizen too.

Moreover which government organisations have access to this data is an unanswered question. Also, if someone else were to log into your account, they could easily see where you’ve been in the past.

To check if Google is tracking you or not, click here.

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