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Google reportedly partners with Audi to offer an on-board Android

androidIn a recent move Google has reportedly teamed up with car maker Audi to develop in-car entertainment and information systems based on the Android operating system. The report also said that the company is planning an announcement next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  It is however unclear at this moment when this new technology is going to appear in vehicles.

The idea is to allow in-car integration of music and navigation apps currently available on smartphones and establish Android as an important technology for future vehicles. Moreover,Google is working with other automotive and tech companies including chip maker Nvidia Corp.

Where this being something new for Google, its competitor Apple announced its intentions to provide drivers with iOS in their car several months ago. So far Apple has signed up with automakers like BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan and Ferrari, among others to integrate iOS features into their cars, though the technology is due to be launched in next few years time.

Moreover, where Apple’s platform requires an iOS device to integrate with the car’s hardware, Google and Audi’s this new technology of Android would run on the vehicle’s built-in hardware.

With automobile being one of the most promising and evergreen industry, it seems that working with car-giants offer internet based technology companies a significant new opportunity for growth.

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