Google bids farewell to 2013 with its New Year’s Eve Doodle

Google Doodles have always been an exciting way for Google team to mark important events and days. This time, to bid goodbye to the 13th year of the millennium, Google has displayed its last animated doodle for the year.

The new Doodle on the New Year’s eve of 2013 features the numerics 2, 0, 1 and 3 in the form of characters dancing on a colourful dance floor. The number 4 can be seen alongside waiting to replace 3.

The Google logo includes a revolving disco ball representing one of the letter ‘O’along with two music players on the side. Also, on moving cursor on the Doodle, there displays a message ‘Happy New Year’.

If one clicks on the doodle, the user is redirected to a page listing news linked to keyword ‘New Year’s Eve’ all around the world. Also, below the search bar, one can see a caption displayed as ‘What did the world search for this year? Remember the moments of 2013’. On clicking, it will lead to Google Zeitgeist 2013 page that highlights some of the major events of year 2013.

Here is a 1.31 min roundup for the year 2013:

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