Facebook testing new timeline features; Twitter experiments with recommendations and more

Facebook testing new features to let users access old posts

Facebook is trying out two different tools to let users view posts at a later stage. The first one lets users view their own top posts from their Timeline from a year ago. AllthingsD is calling it similar to the time-capsule app Timehop. And the second one lets users bookmark any post to read it later. The feature has been rolled out in beta for a few users.

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Twitter experiments with tweet recommendations

Twitter is favoriting tweets for top recommendations, says TechCrunch. A peculiar account with a hawk’s photo, called magicstats, is locked for the public. Its description reads ‘I favorite the best tweets I see in real-time’. The account’s tweets were visible till some time back and it was re-tweeting popular tweets on the website, but it seems to be inactive now. Although it’s just a speculation, but if we go by TC’s analysis, Twitter is operating this account itself.

YouTube fixes spamming issue caused due to linking comments with Google+

A couple of weeks ago Google had rolled out a new commenting system on YouTube to deal with comment spamming problems, but ironically the spam issues have increased since then. After receiving a number of complaints from its users, YouTube has finally addressed this issue. On its blog, it has mentioned the updates, including-better recognition of bad links and impersonation attempts, improved ASCII art detection and changing how long comments are displayed

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Google rolls out a new attachment preview feature in Gmail

Gmail users will be able to see a thumbnail of an attached document, rather than just the file name like earlier. The document could now be previewed in the inbox itself before being downloaded or moved to Drive. This feature is currently available for addresses only, that too for the desktop version, corporate or customized address users would continue to view the attachments in the previous format itself.

PayPal launched mobile check-ins, payments in collaboration with Orderbird

In order to launch its mobile payment system, PayPal has partnered with a German startup called Orderbird, which develops iPad-based POS systems. Whenever a PayPal user will enter a participating store or office, the user will automatically get checked-in via his/her smartphone and will be able to pay for goods through their PayPal accounts.

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