Disruptive trends will herald in a new era of enterprise technology in 2014-Sandeep Mathur, MD, Oracle India

sanAccording to Sandeep Mathur, MD, Oracle India, the new technologies which rose this year in 2013, will continue to drive customer agenda next year as well. “We are at a tipping point, where organizations are looking at effective solutions to reduce capital costs, time utilized for deployment and drive higher performance.” says Sandeep in an article on Informationweek.

The following are the five emerging technology adoption trends for 2014 predicted in the same.

Big Data

Organizations are harnessing big data to develop insights to fine-tune systems, make informed decisions, and develop products that were previously impossible. The increase in smart devices on-the-go will also give rise to increase in data usage from multiple applications, which will ultimately accelerate the demand for Big Data. The potential for big data goes beyond optimizing eCommerce to embrace all verticals, from manufacturing to transportation to the electrical grid.

Internet of Things

Cheap, powerful devices, fast LTE speeds, and low-cost mobile network connectivity are driving an explosion in the number of connected devices and the data generated by them. We are now starting to see the transition from connected smartphones to connected smart devices. The year 2014 will see enterprises exploiting the Internet of Things (IoT) reality to a whole new level.


An exponential adoption rate of mobile devices is compelling enterprises from all industries to launch applications and services usable on these gadgets. We believe mobility will mark the era of two interconnected technologies in 2014 – Enterprise App Stores and ‘Personal’ clouds. As BYOD and mobility initiatives are launched, application management becomes important for employees in 2014.

Flash Storage

The adoption of flash technology seems to be the hottest upcoming trend in the year 2014, even though till now it has been prohibitively expensive. The reason why this technology is fast catching up is because flash drives are basically faster accessing devices as compared to traditional fiber channel drives. Industry experts and reports suggest that by 2018 flash storage will become cheaper than high-end disks.

Hybrid Cloud

The cloud landscape is already heating up; this means we can certainly expect to see cloud services increase massively in the coming year, given the wide-reaching benefits they can provide to businesses of all sizes. It has been observed that organizations are now exploring the possibility IT outsourcing, buying and using external services and solutions to deliver their IT and business requirements to reduce costs and complexity.

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