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2014 will be the year, marketers and sellers reckon fully with a world of “always on” consumers: eMarketer

eMarketer, the global research firm recently conducted a webinar on key digital marketing trends for the year 2014. The presentation revolved around three key areas viz. role of mobile devices in today’s multi-screen landscape, use of social media and video content in bridging consumers’ cross-screen interactions and a new phenomenon, “always on commerce”.

According to the report, there are 4 key trends which will affect digital marketing in 2014. These are:-
– Mobile moves to the center of the multiplatform landscape
– New demands accelerate marketing to the point of instant reactions
-’Always On’ Commerce turns shopping inside out
– Always on means always social

The webinar included a large number of facts revolving around the above trends linked specifically to US marketers. However, a few of the slides also focused on the worldwide scenerio including Asia Pacific.

Here is an infographic to give a glimpse of digital trends in 2014:

Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2014

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