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Cyber attacks on government websites intensifies, forty websites defaced in four months

cyber-aatcjksIn recent years, Indian websites are increasingly becoming victims of cyber attacks. According to a report, from May to August alone almost 40 websites belonging to some important government departments with ‘.in’ domain were defaced.

Most common domain codes that were targeted include ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’. The top defacers India is battling are ‘HuSsY,’ ‘hasnain haxor,’ ‘CouCouM,’ ‘BLACKSMITH HACKERS,’ ‘Romantic,’ ‘ALFA TEAM 2012,’ ‘Intruder’ and ‘Team Patriot.’ among others.

According to the report, with the rising defacements, CERT-In has circulated a list of security guidelines all critical departments need to follow under which they have been asked to install a potent firewall and anti-spyware and anti-phishing controls. Moreover, the portals are now required to keep updating their application software regularly and use the latest Internet browsers that are capable of detecting phishing and malicious sites.

Both public and private sectors have become the target of cyber terrorism. In another similar report released by CERT-In(Indian Computer Emergency Response Team), 4,191 Indian websites were defaced or hacked into in August, 2,380 in July, 2,858 in June and 1,808 in May.

A majority of these attacks happened on .in domains, whose servers are located in India, 80% in June and over 60% thereafter. domain appears the most vulnerable to attacks.

Talking of national security, attack on public sector websites are considered more dangerous as they cover India’s major infrastructure sources.

Some of the main activities these hacker groups involved in include stealing passwords, injecting attacks codes, eavesdropping and other methods that capture information or get control access to the website.

With cyber security impacting the country’s security, it is important that the government puts in place a national cyber security architecture to prevent such attacks. Experts believe that the country spends a small amount of money on cyber security. A report released by IAMAI states that the budget allocation towards cyber-security was INR 42.2 crore (USD 7.76 million) for 2012-13, as against INR 35.45 crore in 2010-11. Whereas, US in comparison spends several billion dollars fighting such issues. With cyber attacks rising in number and current infrastructure being unable to fight with it, should we expect a big budget allocation on cyber security shortly ? Let us know what you think.

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