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Create your own 360 degree virtual tours on Google Street View with the help of Android phone or DSLR camera

The above is not just a 3D animation but a real place visited by  Evan Rapoport, Product Manager Google Maps & Photo Sphere.

Google has introduced a new feature, Google Lat Long, for its street view maps wherein users can now create their own 360 degree virtual tours of the places they have visited, as posted on its blog. Interestingly, Google has made this possible with the simplest tools a user can have, i.e. an Android phone or DSLR camera.

To start with, the users will create Photo Spheres from their phone or camera and then share them on the Views. Whereas normal photos show just a single viewpoint, photo spheres can create a 3D effect by allowing others to explore the entire scene by looking up, down and all around.

The several photo spheres can then be connected together, (click here to see how it can be done) and once published, people can navigate between them on Google Maps, just like they can in Street View.

As per Evan, this feature could be used by environmentalists and even photographers to promote beautiful places or showcase diversity in specific location.

Also, this could give an entirely new face to the tourism industry wherein people can actually take a feel of the entire place before visiting it.

So, which place will you be covering and sharing on the Google’s new street view tool?

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