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Cloud based mobile presentation app ‘Deck’ raises funding

deckDeck App Technologies, a Bangalore based startup which made mobile-first app Deck, has raised USD 600,000 in its seed funding round from Qualcomm Ventures and angel investors led by the Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia, reports Techcrunch.

According to reports, the company will use the raised funds to hire more talent and expand globally.

Deck is a cloud based mobile application which helps users to create presentations while on the go. Available for iOS and Android, the apps are designed to eliminate the common problem of having too much text and an unimpressive layout in presentations. Few of its features include animated charts, slide transitions, and an in-built presentation theme library among others.

Last year, Deck received USD 100,000 from Qualcomm Ventures. The company was also among one of the nine startups which graduated in Microsoft Accelerator’s summer batch early this year.

Founded by Sumanth Raghavendra , the app has more than 300,000 downloads since its beta launch in March.

For those who are wondering why Deck matters when Power Point does something similar and is quite popular in the presentation software game, one word that we think defines Deck perfectly – ‘easy-peasy’. In addition to its ease of use, its built in features make slides almost automatically with nice background images. The app moreover makes perfect sense for those among us who are not very tech savvy or are time-strapped.

Other similar apps working close to Deck include Prezi, HaikuDeck, Flowboard, 9slides and more.

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