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Amazon acquires Silicon Valley based startup providing mobile payments service, GoPago

amazonAmazon, adding to its list of acquisitions of have quietly made its move towards Silicon Valley based startup GoPago as reported by some Italian newspapers. The deal amount and the other terms and conditions remain undisclosed.

GoPago, founded in 2009, is a Silicon Valley based startup headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Dallas and New York. Backed by JP Morgan Chase, it is an initiative of Italian co-founders Vincezo di Nicola and Leo Rocca.

The company offers a total commerce solution, comprising of a fully integrated m-Pos platform. The company’s GoPago LIVE POS solution links merchants and consumers in-store, online and via mobile devices. This cloud based solution allows merchants to access real-time data analytics straight from the tablet or via a web portal, to act on business insights anytime, anywhere.

Also, as per the reports, it is not clear whether the team will join Amazon or its just the technology acquisition. As per Di Nicola, Google also showed interest previously in acquiring the mobile payments service, however there is no mention of offered price and terms of the deal.

Amazon is said to make use of this technology in a new “ambitious project”. Although, it has not given any clue, but according to the leading publications, the eCommerce giant is working hard to reduce the gap between mobile and desktop commerce. The recent launch of its digital wallet service, “Log In and Pay with Amazon” and mobile billing deal with Bango has also been seen as a part of its secret project.

The other acquisitions of amazon this year includes IVONA-Text to speech, Goodreads (USD 150 Mn), Screentech, Liquavista, Videolicious and Songza.

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