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AKG Technologies launches adspringr to create auto- customized targeted Facebook ads

adspringer-1AKG Technologies, a Philadelphia based social media company, has recently launched its new Facebook Ad Manager and optimization tool “adspringr”. The tool is built with an objective of optimizing cost and improving productivity and to help in increasing the scale, performance and ROI of Facebook Ad Campaigns.

With branches in San Francisco, Houston, Mumbai and Delhi, the company had recently raised an angel round of funding of $350,000 from investors from US, UK and Turkey. The round was led by Prof. David Bell from The Wharton School and Prof. Michael Wolf from University of Zurich.

The tool works for any business whether small or large or any eCommerce venture trying to bring in more traction through their Facebook advertisement.

The core features split in four different section viz, ad creation, optimization, reporting and analytic. “We are enabling optimized Facebook advertising through adspringr”, said Gaurav Mendiratta, Founder, AKG Technologies.

As per Gaurav, in ad creation, sometimes the client demands  to create 100 of ads in the first hour itself, especially the large eCommerce ventures, which is very time consuming. However, on adspringr the key information and key variables are identified to result in an automated process.

Also, there is a feature of bid optimization based on an auto-bidding algorithm which can optimizes how much one should bid per click on Facebook. “Bid Optimization helps advertisers save money, which in the testing phase alone have made clients to save money in range of 15% to 40%’, he added.

The company is so confident of this feature that they have even kept their introductory pricing commission based on the amount saved by the company by using adspringr.

Other features include custom campaign rules (If, Then, Else) target merge, graphical reporting, creative performance trackers, campaign analyzer, etc. ” In Facebook, currently all the statistics are built in either Excel or CSV file, causing hours to spend on visualizing and analyzing it. At adspringr, all this is automated in graphical manner and one can even see at what hour of the day its campaign is performing the best”, said Gaurav.

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